Pair of Armchairs by Alf Sture


Pair of armchairs model '1036' designed by Alf Sture in 1940 and produced by Hiorth & Østlyngen - Norway. Frame structure in massive oak wood, woven thread seat and back, in excellent vintage condition. Alf Sture a pioneer in Norwegian furniture design who from early on began stripping away all unnecessary details in his pieces so that only the functional parts made the design. A highly admired furniture designer whose some iconic designs are still in production. ———— Furniture designer and interior architect Alf Sture may very well be the favorite furniture designer of the Norwegian public. After finishing his studies in 1940 he became a carpentry apprentice at Hiorth & .stlyngen, where he soon advanced to become chief designer. I 1940/41 he created a chair defining that era – Model 1036, a solid piece of furniture stripped of any unnecessary details. The 1036 may be seen as a transition from the strictures of functionalism towards a softer, more organic shape that would be a hallmark of the Scandinavian Design period. In 1952, Alf Sture established his own design office, creating a variety of furniture rooted in older Scandinavian and English traditions. Since 1971, Tonning M.belfabrikk at Stryn has produced Sture’s furniture.

Design history

Designer: Alf Sture
Year: 1940-1941
Maker: Hiorth & Østlyngen


Category: Norwegian Icons
Material: Wood Thread
Colors: Sand Cognac
Measurements: - x - x - None (D x W x H)
Quantity: 1
Style: Mid century modern Norwegian Modern 1940
36000.00 NOK SOLD