Rabbit Bunny By Deans Rag Book Co Ltd


Rare bunny rabbit designed and manufactured in London by Deans Rag Book Co Ltd, 1930s second half. Wool plush, cotton body, stuffed with wood-wool and has most likely wires in the ears. The rabbit is in overall good vintage condition with some staining and few age related marks to the trousers. An extremely rare and highly collectable item, marked with manufacturers label.

Design history

Designer: Deans Rag Book Co Ltd
Year: 1930s
Maker: Deans Rag Book Co Ltd


Category: Art
Material: Metals Textiles plastic
Colors: Blue Red White Multi-colour
Measurements: - x 25 x 37 CM (D x W x H)
Quantity: 1
Style: 1930
1800.00 NOK